Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sparkle Is Not My Color

As much as I wish I was, I will never be one of those people who exudes sunshine and happiness from their every pore. And believe me, I've tried. Naming my blog was an exercise in trying to achieve this very elusive position, and I think we can all agree it's been crash and burn since the very beginning. I've tried to emulate a few of my favorite sparkly social media mavens and actually googled "How to be a Happy Blogger" (Really, I'm not kidding. And admitting this is only slightly less embarrassing than asking for Twitter Socks for Christmas.) but somehow couldn't put the advice into practice. Shocking, I know.

My writing is more Anne Lamott than Elizabeth Gilbert, and usually not in the good way. I haven't gotten any book deals or sitcom pilots like @ShitMyDadSays. I haven't received any lucrative job offers or spawned any revolutions, despite peppering my posts with words like "revolution" and "prohibition," "power" and the ever-popular "will date for food." Sigh.

And yet...I keep writing. Why? Because the brave and strong and sardonic Penelope Trunk responded to a tweet I sent out this week. Because there are a litany of writer-tweeters out there who remind me daily that C.S. Lewis got rejected 800 times before he was ever published (@inkyelbows), and because I LIKE reading Anne Lamott and so do lots of other people. I gotta keep the hope alive that there is a place for me in this self-publishing community despite my glaring lack of glitter and baubles.

So while I won't be wishing you lipgloss kisses and champagne wishes anytime soon, I do try my best to be honest and interesting and at least a little funny. I'll leave the dazzle to the dazzling, who all do it oh-so-well.


AnalieseMarie said...

I think it's a million times better to write from an honest and genuine place than to adapt a personality that doesn't feel right to you. There's more than enough room on the interwebs for all kinds of voices and yours is no less wonderful. I sometimes struggle with wondering whether I'm veering into saccharine sweet territory when it's not exactly how I'm feeling at certain times. Ultimately, I try to be positive because it uplifts me and hopefully uplifts others, but I enjoy reading bloggers with all kinds of attitudes and perspectives. Just keep being your perceptive, intelligent self. That's all your readers can ask of you, and all you can expect from yourself. xoxo.

My Cherie said...

Are you kidding me? You Sparkle! Your sparkles belong only to you and I for one "get you" Now stop this nonsense, and quit focusing on what isn't happening. Put your big girl panties on, grab a bottle of champagne (or two) and toast yourself and/or invite a writing group to meet once a week and discuss your writing goals, while sipping champange (remembering we are sparkling here).Keep writing. You will attract people who find you engaging and entertaning. You just wait and see...
p.s. blog of champagnegossip will be up shortly-working on it-

Ashley said...

I'd like to second all of AnalieseMarie's assertions. You're awfully hard on yourself! I love reading your writing and I like you just the way you are - keep it up!

Megan Michelle said...

Thanks for your positive affirmations girls - mostly what this post is about is not a lack of confidence-per se, but mostly an acceptance of my own personal voice not being as inherently up-beat as others, and trying to embrace that. I love the sparkle and shine of other blogs but need to be okay with the fact that I have a different voice. I hope you will keep reading and let me know what you think of my a-bit-rough-around-the-edges style!

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