Saturday, December 19, 2009

Maybe I'll get an MBA - Part 2

Dear ASU College of Business,
In the immortal words of pop artists The Blackeyed Peas "Don't Phunk With My Heart."

Sometimes I even amaze myself with how quickly I can go from curious to elated to in love to surprised to disappointed to are you kidding me?

Yesterday I came across this article in the Arizona Republic about the new Masters of Commerce program offered by ASU for non-business majors "who want practical business education." The program as I understand it is only one year, concludes with an entrepreneurial consulting project and fills those education gaps for individuals looking to turn their passion into profit (or nonprofit). Can this program BE anymore perfect for me?

I thought I had died and gone to Masters Degree Heaven.

Until I read the fine print. Must. Have Received. Undergraduate Degree. Less. Than. 12 Months. Ago.

Aarrgh! Come On, ASU! I want to love you and your programs. I really do. I want to seem like I'm being paid to recruit because I've found the right degree for me. And I DON'T want to be told I'm too old! What can I do? Is there any argument great enough or petition large enough to make them change the requirements? An email to Dean Amy Hillman resulted in a very nice but firm response that they have no plans to open up applications to include those of us farther along in our careers. I'm stifling a urge to make a David and Goliath comparison but even that doesn't work when David actually needs something from his behemoth opponent.

Back to mulling over the traditional MBA program. But for anyone else out there whose heart stopped when they clicked on that new program announcement, please feel free to send Dr. Hillman an email. Maybe just maybe something will come of it.


Ashley said...

Arrgh! That's crazy! No one should ever be too old for any education!

Anonymous said...

I agree....there's a great Graduate School in Tempe that focuses on teachers with BA/BS degrees. Very affordable and it doesn't matter how long ago you recieved your undergrad degree.

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