Friday, August 28, 2009

Everything I Know I Learned from Reality Television

Sometimes, when I'm really low, I decide that the best thing about this period of funemployment is my 10AM date with Live with Regis and Kelly. And my 11AM date with Kathie Lee and Hoda. And my 12PM date with, um Blind Date. Try not to judge - talk to me when you get the pink slip, okay?

And while I'd rather melon-ball my eyes out than admit love for the hot mess that is Project Runway (and by that I mean, the single best thing that has happened to LifetimeTelevisionForWomen EVER); recently, I've developed a certain respect for shows like The Bachelorette, America's Next Top Model, and yes, even Flavor of Love.

If I may? Imagine Flavor Flav is a highly coveted job in PR, or publishing, or pizza making. Instead of submitting a written list of your media placements, literary achievements, or past pies alongside the lists of a thousand other literal gold diggers, why don't we job seekers just show up at Flav's house, mix, mingle, complete a few challenges, and the last one standing gets an offer?

I'm serious. Forty Agency here in Phoenix claims to have hired most of their crew based on personality and precociousness, and is currently seeking video in leu of of curriculum vitae. So why not take that kind of thinking to the next level? While I don't know that a cool video always equals a top notch Account Exec, or a poor video always nets a poor Director of New Business, I do know that real competition brings out in people something that very few other things in this world do: Their True Nature.

And isn't that what makes a good employee? It isn't really about where they used to work, or what their title was or wasn't, or the resume style they prefer. For many jobs, it's about who they are, how they handle themselves in professional situations, whether they have the aptitude for the job, and the ways in which they demonstrate the skills they have.

So what about it, Hiring Managers? Why not hold an event when you need to fill your next position? Perhaps an open house of sorts - where current staff and potential staff convene to determine who really is Your Company's Next Top Hire. I'd be there with my wit, wisdom and worldly wiles... competing to get the most face time with your top executives, sizing up the weaknesses of my peers and proving via my skills and personality that I can do the job. Or at least, that I deserve a second date.

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Robin said...

Hmm...I think that for some, this would be an awesome idea. I think it would especially benefit you and people like you (ones that go all shiny and impressive when the spotlight hits) but I'm not as confident in direct competition, I guess. If I could make the video funny, or tongue-in-cheek (if that were the kind of company I was applying at) I think it would be way more telling...and entertaining for both parties.

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