Sunday, August 9, 2009

Car Talk: An Ode to Dads, Brothers, and Good Friends' Husbands

It had been seven years since she rolled off the lot,
shiny and new, with love she was bought.

Seattle to Phoenix and all in between,
Mexico, Kansas, and Colorado she'd seen.

A few came before her, less shiny or new
each well-taken care of by "Dad" - Woo Hoo!

"Gwendolyn the Golden Girl" was the name she was given,
fast and furious was the way she was driven.

A ding here, a dent there - who cares she'd had fun!
She felt invincible - forever she'd run!

Alas! Disaster struck when it least was expected
perhaps she'd have been better had she not been neglected.

It's true - there were times when she had needed some care
but unaware went her owner, without that "Dad" there.

"Dad" had been great, he'd kept all their cars right
but explain he did not, and so on came her "check engine" light.

Day by day and bit by bit
lots of things started breaking, and a mirror - it just split.

Away from the door on the driver's side,
The plastic had warped and shook on each ride.

So to save money and time some epoxy was sent
into the gap and worked like cement.

Oh Joy! What luck! That mirror- it was stuck!
As was the window - quite tight (What the Fuck!).

Add that to the list of woes Goldie had,
at that last crappy mechanic - her owner was Mad!

But out of the desert came a hero, a friend!
It was Ike to the rescue - a hand he did lend.

He picked and he prodded, listened and thought,
and helped diagnose the diseases she'd caught.

He told her owner what needed to be done
what to say to the mechanic who'd messed up a ton.

And guess what else that awesome Ike did?
He fixed that glued window - he did! Yes he did!

So into the night that little car sprang,
with a spring in her step - and nary a clang.

She ran through a drive-thru, her window rolled down
not having to open her door like a clown.

So thanks my dear friend for lending your hubby,
to fix my little car, and in the midst get quite grubby!

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Stephanie said...

Testing... Testing... 1...2...3...

Haha. This post makes me feel much better about my life Megan. Now I know I'm not the only one in the world with this much free time on my hands....

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