Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When Life gives you Lemons, Lay by the Pool

Well Friends,

There has been a major upheaval in my life this week, and I suddenly find myself without a job and five pounds heavier.  A little context - I was an Ad Exec for a progressive agency here in Arizona.  I thought many things were going very very well. Apparently, as I found out yesterday, some were not.  A series of bad decisions on my part collided with a string of bad luck and boom - the cosmos have shifted.  And the extra poundage? I'll chalk that up to discovering that Inner Peace can actually come in chocolate form. 

After a hard day of tears and a harder night of multiple Peach Martinis, I spent a good bit of time today out by the pool, basking in the hot sun, and discussing life with Lazlo the Chihuahua. I was reminded of the last time I was unemployed, and although at that time I had far fewer bills and a greater number of options, I adopted the title of Lady of Leisure. My friends and family were not amused, but it certainly made a difficult period more manageable. I chose to spend the time I had between submitting applications and attending interviews lounging and lunching, writing letters and reading good books. I gardened and cooked, cleaned out my closet and organized my files.  I was still actively searching for a position in my field, but treating it like a cheap vacation kept me from slitting my wrists to the sounds of Evanescence. 

A Lady of Leisure, hmm? This time around the title should be different. I'm older and wiser and have a healthy supply of anti-depressants.  I have a few ideas, so I'll sleep on it. 

Friends,  it is a new day. Pick your metaphor: a new chapter, a new leaf, a whole new ball game. How appropriate then, that I take this opportunity to embark with you on a personal, though not too private journey in hopes of reaching that Holy Grail of Happy, Healthy, Well-Adjusted and Popular. 

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